After the Earthquake: Memories of a Survivor

İnanç Ortaç, Ph.D., is a Turkish American life science innovator and serial entrepreneur innovator based in San Diego. Having survived a massive earthquake in 1999, he knows firsthand what it’s like to be in a disaster similar to the one that struck Türkiye two weeks ago. He also knows what life is like for a survivor ‘after the earthquake’. In […]

Frequently Asked Questions About HOT’s Earthquake Relief Support

As with any disaster of this magnitude, there has been an outpouring of empathy and intense desire to support earthquake relief efforts in Türkiye. Everyone is asking “How can I help?” Of course, those who want to help have more specific questions. With this post, we are sharing the most frequently asked questions and responses about House of Türkiye’s earthquake […]

Facts About the Earthquake in Türkiye

1) On February 6th, catastrophic and deadly earthquakes struck the Southeastern part of Turkey and Northern Syria at a magnitude of 7.8, followed by a strong 7.7 aftershock hours later. More than 2,000 aftershocks were recorded — 150 aftershocks of 4.0 or greater. 2) These twin earthquakes were no ordinary powerful disasters. Their impacts were felt as far as 600 […]